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In brief, our prefab steel building system incorporates a rugged 2 x 3 rectangular 14 gauge triple layered galvanized steel frame as the basic frame component in all our steel carports, garages, workshops, greenhouses, RV covers, boat housing, loafing sheds and horse barns.  The galvanized framing is FLO-COAT finished which gives the steel twice the salt spray life and twice the rust protection as G-90 galvanized!  

As you can see, our framing system is far superior to all other typical frames on the market.  There are several key differences.  First, we incorporate a smooth mandrel bend at the eve and peak section of the steel truss system.  This results in an all engineered superior quality product. This particular style offers significantly greater strength and a better look than the typical crush bend used by other manufacturers who use weaker square or round tubing.  

The factory's unique "Slip-Fit" design dramatically simplifies the installation process. This patented "swaged" manufacturing technique combines ease of assembly with the strength and durability of structural steel. Our use of a mandrel bending system results in a cleaner look, and a much stronger bend transition.

All of our steel buildings and metal garage kits use heavy-duty 2" x 3" rectangular triple layered galvanized steel framing with guaranteed minimum yield strength of 65,000 PSI. The triple layer galvanized protection provides a smooth, economical solution that resists rust longer than any pre-galvanized or electroplated tubing product - in addition to termite and rot resistance.

Ground Snow & Wind Loads

Ground Snow:

20 - 60 PSF - Dependent on size and height of building.

Standard Wind Ratings:  90 MPH - Exposure C *Can be increased up to 140 MPH
Roof Pitch:  Roof pitch is 3:12 for all Value Steel structures. 

Easy SLIP-FIT Assembly
  Consult your local building permit department to obtain your local loading requirements. 
If unsure, call one of our trained building specialists at 1-866-206-6580 for our expert assistance!
  State specific stamped engineered drawings are available.  

Value Steel provides the highest quality painted steel roofing and siding that carries a 20-year paint warranty. All of our steel Garage kits include choice of color on three areas of the building: wall, trim, and roof. You can choose any color combination you like. There are no restrictions! 

Steel carport kits come standard with a White roof, however other colors are available upon request. 


Below are some popular color combinations. You can choose from these, or pick your own color pattern to suit your specific taste.


We offer high efficiency 1/4" radiant heat barrier insulation packages for all of our steel building kits. A radiant heat barrier is a class A insulation that is designed to reflect radiant heat energy instead of absorb it like traditional batting. It is designed to block 93% of the suns heat from penetrating this barrier. It also works to reflect 93% of the heat back into the building in cold winter months. Our 1/4 inch barrier has a white polypropylene backing which is extremely durable and tear resistant. Polypropylene does not dry rot and crack like vinyl backed insulation. It provides a Class-A/Class 1 fire rating, and just like the Value Steel framing system, it's easy to install!

  • Excellent vapor barrier, reduces condensation and seals tight

  • Convenient and easy to install between framing and sheeting.

  • High efficiency thermal performance R-Values ASTM C-976 - Down 10.3

  • Finish Dimensions: 1/4" Thickness

  • Dampens acoustic noise when operating equipment or tools in garage


Call our parts department for wholesale insulation pricing (with purchase of a building package).  1-866-206-6580.